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Music at The Red Lion
Saturdays start 9pm Sundays 3 pm ish unless otherwise stated

Wed Eves are Mid week Jam/ Open Mike Night, hosted by Paul Eaton.Floor spots, open jams - whatever floats your boat. Back line: Bass amp, guitar amp, guitars + two mikes, bring your own leads guitars, pedals etc,.


Under temporary management this week (14/09/2017) for approximately 4 weeks, attempting to keep listings up to date. If you are playing please confirm on the link below.

If you want your listing to be included please contact Bev listings, photos etc will be included at the administrators discretion


Sat 14th 9pm The Friscos

Sun 15th 3pm Paul Bowen Irish/American Folk

Mon 16th Henry Lowther-Tpt/Flg   Mornington Lockett-Tnr  John Critchinson-Pno   Tim Wells-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs

Sat 21st 9pm Blues Patrol

Sun 22nd ???

Mon 23rd Jim Mullen-Gtr   Dave Lewis-Tnr   Mike Gorman-Organ Trevor Tomkins-Drs

Sat 28th 9pm Jam Junkies

Sun 29th 3pm 14 Cousins

Mon 30th Stan Sulzmann-Tnr   Matt Sulzmann-Alto   Will Barry-Pno   Dave Green-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs


Sun 5th 3pm Papa George & Micky Moody

Mon 6th Paul Booth-Tnr Richard Rosse-Gtr   John Horler-Pno Tim Wells-Bass

Sat 11th 9pmSteve Whalley

Sun 12th Marky Dawson

Nov 13th Roger Beaujolais-Vibes   Simon Spillett-Tnr    Robin Aspland-Pno   Simon Thorpe-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs

Sat 18th 9pm Great West Groove

Sun 19th ???

Nov 20th Quentin-Collins-Tpt/Flg  Tim Whitehead-Tnr Leon Greening-Pno Steve Watts-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs

Sat 25th 9pm The Friscos

Sun 26th 3pm Willy Finlayson

Nov 27th Alan Barnes-Alt  John Pearce-Pno Paul Morgan-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs









Sat 2nd 9pm Paul Eaton & a DJ take you through The Decades

Sun 3rd 3pm Papa George & Micky Moody

Dec. 4th Henry Lowther-Tpt/Flg  Pete Hurt-Tnr John Horler-Pno Dave Green-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs

Sat 9th 9pm One for The Road

Sun 10th ???

Dec. 11th John Etheridge-Gtr Theo Travis-Tnr Ted Beament-Pno Val Manix-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs

Sat 11th 9pm Blues Patrol

Sun 17th 3pm Meat & Two Veg

Dec  18th Martin Shaw-Tpt/Flg  Dave O'Higgins-Tnr. Robin Aspland-Pno  Tim Wells-Bass Trevor Tomkins-Drs

Sat 23rd 9pm The Friscos

Sun 24th Christmas Day

Sat 30th ???

Sun 31st New Years Eve The Jam Junkies



Jam Junkies

Ian Hunt

Miles Winter Roberts

Moveable Feast

Papa George

Website The Howdo The Howdo Facebook

The Devil At The Crossroads

Willy Finlayson

Wessex Pistols

Kara with Daria Kulesh


Click here for Ralph McTell Finale on Sun 9th March 2014

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