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Theatre at The Red Lion



The History

The Theatre Company was started in 1997, soon after Mr Philip Brewin took over the Red Lion Pub in Linkfield Road, lsleworth. His theatrical background paired with his determination to keep the pub a traditional Local” lead him to encourage some of the regulars to develop their more eccentric interest and that Christmas someone said let’s put on a pantomime “A lad in a bar’ (“Aladdin” in the afternoon performance) was a screaming success Christmas 1997 The 1998 production of “Cinderfella” was a little more ambitious and attracted the attention of Granada TV who made a documentary about the pub and its Christmas show. (See Video) Christmas 1999’s “Whip Dickington” took the audience to an exotic slave market where six beautiful slave girls (all played by men with beer bellies) were auctioned to raise additional funds for the children’s charity supported by the Company. Millennium Frolics Following the TV screening of Cinderfella a ‘Red Lion Oscar awards ceremony was staged at the pub. Every member of the company surprisingly received an award (Mr Christopher Hodge, received that of “Best Leading Lady of the 20th Century”). Following the copious amounts of ‘bubbly’ forced on the actors that evening, the company was persuaded to present a summer production 2000 for the millennium. “Midsummer Night’s Scream” owed its inspiration to William Shakespeare - but very little else - ‘Swing both ways’ Oberon, wielded his cod piece and riding crop with equal aplomb - the village people made a musical appearance & Bottom made a right ass of himself. Queen Titania was said to resemble a galleon in full sail. "Midsummer Night Scream" was successfully reprised in 2005. Panto 2000/2001 — S’no rite and the Seven Studs. Featured seven dwarfs, all over 5’6” and asked the question Was Snow White really whiter than white, and if so why did she go off with strange men in the woods?” The Summer production 2001 “Isleworth Wails” loosely based on Canterbury Tales was reprised very succesfully, following Bev's retirement,in 2013 when Terry & Justine took over production

We are all regular drinkers in the Red Lion, which is a LOCAL in the truest sense of the word. We appreciate the continued encouragement (to make fools of ourselves in front of our friends, family and the rest of the customers) and the support of the bar staff

Panto - ography

1998 - A Lad in a Bar
1999 - Cinderfella
2000 - Whip Dickington
2001 - Sno' rite & the seven studs
2002 - “Robin Hood
2003 - Camelot – a Knights Tale
2004 - Cinderella
2005 - Aladin
2006 - Snow white
2007 - Jack & the Beanstalk
2008 - Red Riding Hood
2009 - Dick Whittington
2010 - Cinderella
2011 - Aladin de Pshit
2012 - Jack & his Big Thing
2013 - Snow White
2014 - Robin Hood
2015 - Cinderella
2016 Aladin

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